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Lets Celebrate Together, Stories Of Being Black In Canada

Sophia Brown Ramsay - Positive Impact Trainer/Coach, Author

Featured in the Toronto Sun, Toronto Star, Mississauga News, Milton Champion and on SUN Television, the Nikki Clarke Show as well as radio, Sophia engages her audiences with her brand of ‘edutainment,’ a dynamic delivery, compassion and enthusiasm for life. 

As a Business Partner with James McNeil’s Verbal Aikido - Pure Communication Mastery Experience, Sophia uses her skills as Positive Impact Trainer to communicate with others not with hype, but rather with worth, sincerity and understanding - where she reminds individuals that when you can See it, Believe it (act upon it), you can certainly Achieve anything!

Sophia has the ability to connect with people in a way that leaves them feeling empowered and inspired to find their ‘greatness’ within. A powerful, positive and engaging personality, Sophia Brown Ramsay is a gifted inspirational trainer and an award winning speaker. Sophia has spent more than twenty years of working with at-risk youth in the criminal justice system, non-for-profit sector, community development and the human service sector.