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Verbal Aikido, Inc. has a Head Office in Orlando, Florida and Toronto, Ontario where we offer our expertise in advanced communication and emotional intelligence blended with hospitality service excellence to meet your urgent and critical need. Our tried and true system of core training with our unique infusion of industry specific needs has been incredibly successful for over 15 years. Our International firm has been delivering the core training program of advanced communication that delves into the science behind communication success and emotional intelligence; which teaches mastery in control of self, managing interactions and influencing others as the pinnacle program for elevating communication success in the workplace from the banking world down through the manufacturing world. At the centre of our teaching lay the critical need to view every interaction with a customer, a peer or between leadership and staff as an opportunity for excellence. The expertise of our team, from our founder James MacNeil the author to our team of 22 experts from all industries and specialties guarantees a individually designed program that will heighten your customer service satisfaction indicators and improve your bottom line.